HSP Holding GmbH

Successful together – sustainable and value-oriented

The HSP Holding GmbH is a business group, composed of 3 trading companies: Excellent Brands GmbH, HSP Hanse Consult GmbH and HSP Hanseshopping GmbH.

Over the years we have gained know-how and expertise in various positions surrounding product development as well as trade on national and international markets. 2012 was the founding year of the HSP Group - after only 3 years we had expanded to 50 employees.

Today we are located in a very outstanding area in the inner city of Hamburg. In addition to our competences, we offer a „Hanseatic“ principles-based reliability, which is valued by both suppliers and clients all over the world.

On this basis we have made it our objective to further distinguish and expand our 3 trading companies 

Our Headquarters

Hamburg Location

Hamburg, gateway to the world; its position as the economic and logistical centre of the North, and its harbour connections, short routes and large amount of supply partners, make it the ideal location for HSP Holding GmbH.

The 3 companies of HSP Holding

HSP Hanse Shopping GmbH
HSP Hanse Shopping GmbH

We develop innovative product ideas and promotional marketing concepts at fair market prices, that ensure our clients long-term success.

HSP Hanse Consult GmbH
HSP Hanse Consult GmbH

HSP Hanse Consult represents national and international business enterprises, all of which are market leaders, and helps with the establishment and expansion on the German market. 

Excellent Brands GmbH
Excellent Brands GmbH

We are continuously looking for the extraordinary, to develop exklusive brands, that we can legally protect, establish and develop into a successful national and international product lines.

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress, working together is success.

Henry Ford

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