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There are two ways to market unique and exclusive products: be the first to discover the product , secure the rights and distribute it, or better still, create this product yourself.

Our mission is to have a vision and work hard towards its realization firmly believing in it as well as the courage to take risks. EXCELLENT BRANDS develops special ideas into strong, significant brands, in order to establish them for the largest possible market on a sustained basis. EXCELLENT BRANDS markets a unique and exclusive range of products to secure exceptional national and international success for our business partners.

With MAGIC COPPER we have succeeded to consolidate a long term product strategy with a unique marketing concept. In addition: Boris Becker, a legendary brand ambassador, who will remain committed to EXCELLENT BRANDS worldwide in the long term.

Our online shop www.magic-copper.de sets new standards for international marketing and offers our cooperation partners a comprehensive package, providing all advertising-, marketing- and TV-tools.


As a customer you can trust our members displaying the seal because they are committed to:

  • Fair, ethical and responsible trade.
  • Presenting products and services in a clear and honest way.
  • Complete and transparent pricing with no hidden costs.
  • Ensuring that customers can order without risk.
  • A proper and reliable returns policy.
  • Protecting customer data.

Magic Copper by Excellent Brands GmbH


MAGIC COPPER Knee Support - symptoms will finally be relieved and the solid compression will help you get better.


The highly elastic fibers goes along with every movement - enjoy full mobility with the MAGIC COPPER Ankle Support .


Stay active - with the MAGIC COPPER Elbow Support made of high-tech fibres enhanced with copper and magnetic fibres.

The ordinary gives the world its existence, the extraordinary its value

Oscar Wilde

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