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Decades of experience have taught us that only innovative product ideas with mainly unique selling features at fair market prices can ensure lasting success. In 2012 we therefore decided to look for a challenge with HSP HANSESHOPPING GmbH of developing unique and product ideas for specific needs as well as and marketing concepts for our clients. At the same time we established a network of excellent suppliers and worldwide partners with whom we selected a successful range of products. By now numerous of our products have been established in worldwide markets.

Our international suppliers trust us because we treat their product innovations with respect, we protect them and secure them with the appropriate trademarks. That is one reason why we get the best selling TV products in the world exclusively.

Our renowned business partners value our high quality in choosing products and our expertise in sales promotion using goal-oriented marketing

And our online shop www.telewelt.tv offers the entire world of teleshopping in one place: an attractive selection, set up from the best online platforms in the world with interesting and high-quality products that help people simplify their daily life.


Telewelt.tv by HSP Hanse Shopping GmbH

Produkte von www.telewelt.tv

Especially solid and high quality – our stainless steel ceramic pan sets from Ceraflon. Energy efficient!


Extra soft and flexible comfort: our feel-good bra sets. Comfortably light and seamless - comes in many beautiful colours.

Produkte von www.telewelt.tv

The Clever Clean mop is the newest development in mops with a revolutionary new rotation mechanism.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. 

Steve Jobs

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