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We stand for quality and reliability

HSP is very proud to call some of the world's largest and most successful sales and manufacturing companies its partners. We give the highest priority to the notion “the original”. Only the best TV and promotional products make it into our range of products. We have created a dependable and highly functional network with our partners from the US, that serves as the basis for the marketing and security of well proven products.

We are located in Hamburg, because we appreciate and protect the values that make up the Hanseatic tradition. We place great emphasis on quality and sustainability and operate in the knowledge of conserving the resources entrusted to us. Adherence to social standards goes without saying. Our standards for safety are exceptionally high and are strictly supervised, which we constantly monitor and adjust if necessary. Since the founding of the company in 2012 we have used the best quality laboratories, working on our behalf to monitor the standards and inspection requirements of our productions.

Our product scouts travel around the world, always in search for the “best of the best articles” for our clients.n.

Erfolg hat nur, wer etwas tut, während er auf den Erfolg wartet.

Thomas Alva Edison

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